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There are a lot of good freelance copywriters around. There’d better be, in a marketplace that gets tougher by the nanosecond. But you don’t need a copywriter who simply has a way with words. You need a seasoned copywriter who has the savvy to quickly hone in on our audience, your objectives and your strategy, and is dead-on in delivering your message.


You just found him.  

I’ve been working as a freelance copywriting resource for ad agencies, graphic design firms and corporate marketing departments for more than twenty years. I’ve written standout advertising and marketing communications for Fortune 500 superstars and upstarts with a dollar and a dream, selling just about every imaginable product and service.


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“Patterson Creative takes our copywriting to the next level to drive results.”

 Jennifer Barnes

    Marketing Product Manager

    Harley-Davidson Motor Company       


Talk about a quick study, Paul can be given the toughest copy assignment and write about it as though he were an expert in the field. Great range of thinking.”

    Dave Woelfel

    Creative Director

    Lone Wolf Graphics/Hoffman York Adv.

"Paul is a creative powerhouse when it comes to writing copy. His ability to grasp project background quickly and produce effective material is invaluable to us."

    Erin Brandt

    McDill Design



Creative. Compelling. A Cut Above.

  The copywriting you’re looking for.

                     The copywriter who can deliver it.