Comma Chameleon

I guess you could say my niche is not having one.

Ads. Collateral. Direct marketing. Packaging. An executive speech. Straightforward and corporate. Warm and fuzzy. Edgy with a touch of attitude. Downright funny.

You don’t need a roster of go-to copywriters to get it. You just need one with the ability to change the content and color of his copy to meet any challenge. One day I’m writing about motorcycles or the Iatest breakthroughs in brain research, and the next day it’s catheters for tomcats. 

High tech. Low tech. No tech. I’m your guy. Or at least I’d like to be. When you need to go out, call me in. 

“Easy reading is damn hard writing.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Agencies, Design Firms

I’m the as-needed member of your creative team. Your copywriting 9-1-1. When you call on me, I serve as “your” writer, in client meetings as well as in spirit. Some shops I team with provide me with their business card and email address. You can count on me to respect your budgets, deadlines and, importantly, your client relationships. 

Marketing Directors

If your corporate marketing department is like most, you try to write as much of your copy in-house as you can. That’s the goal, but sometimes a stretch. For those times when you need another hand, a different touch, a creative take, remember you have a reliable resource at the ready. 

CEOs, Visionaries

You have a vision in your mind for your company. Ever present. Ever evolving. You know the message you want to convey, the audience you need to reach. But you’re a thinker, a doer – not a wordsmith. My job is to bring that vision to life on the page, on your website, in that presentation. Wherever the world needs to hear it.